dinsdag 8 maart 2016

Happy International Woman's Day!

Happy international woman's day you guys! And happy we can be. I am so blessed to live in 2016, in a county were woman are noticed and appreciated, not only for their sandwich making skills. I am happy and blessed to live in a time and place where I can go to school and study and where I can speak my mind freely. We are not there yet, but we've come a long way :) So... who's sexy legs are those?

The picture you see here is taken by the amazing Arno Nieuwhof. This is Maxime Models agency picture for 2016. It not only represents me and 4 of my coworkers but it also represents me and these lovable, gorgeous and strong woman I proudly call my friends. There is so much competition and backstabbing among models (in plus it's not as bad as it is among straightsize models) but I don't feel that way with these babes. You are a bit bummed if you don't get a job and someone else does but you support them and be happy for them. Why? Because we're all one big family at Maxime. We as models support and inspire each other, we even have dinner dates and sleepovers. I'm proud to be a part of this group <3 Nothing but love for you my darlings!

So enough with the soggyness,  here is backstage fun for you guys!

With our Maxime 'mama'

Our photographer, Arno. This guy is huge! (We're like 180cm, do the math!) 

Aaaaand a shit load of selfies.. 

We're models after all.. 

So, go follow my hotties on their Instagram pages! Paula Schaareman (that's me!) , Bo van OtterdijkGisela MachadoCharlotte Charpentier and Kirsten Visser! And I hope to see you soon :)


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