zondag 11 oktober 2015

What I used for my Kylie Jenner Lips

Yesterday I told you guys how to Fish Gape like a pro. I got a lot of comments on that one! Not below the post itself but through social media. Are you following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram yet? And the comments were mostly about my lipstick! I tried to pull off some Kylie Jenner lips. I am so shamefully late with falling in love with this beauty trend but better late then never, right? Ok with trends it usually isn't but I did it anyway and the result is great!

What I used to create this look is the lipliner Whirl and the matte lipstick Taupe, both from Mac. I am seriously reconsidering to buy another (or two..) lipstick from Mac because I am starting to become a little bit obsessed with it. Giddy was my first lipstick love, Taupe was my second, but there is room for more! Mehr, Ruby Woo, Faux, Twig, I want them all! Please let me know what your MAC musthaves are. Maybe you can inspire me for my next purchase. Which I will share with you, obviously.

I wish you all a happy day my lovelies and I hope to see you soon.

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