zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

Fish Gape Like a Pro

Hi guys! Ok. I'm like half a century late with this Kylie Jenner lip trend but I just recently have fallen in love with it. But when I was making a shameless selfie to show off my new make-up skills I chose not to go with just another duckface selfie. I went with this new trend called the Fish Gape. So for this fall leave the ducks for what they are and bring in your fishing game! How to do it? I'll show you in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. 
For the perfect fish gape-selfie open your mouth. At photoshoots they teach you to blow a little bit of air trough your lips. This tip works with fish gaping as well but you have to open your mouth a bit more. It will feel like you are trying to catch flies with your mouth open but it wil look good. Trust me!

Step 2. 
Squint your eyes a bit. This says Hey handsome, how are you doing! and makes you look a bit mysterious and sexy at the same time. Stare right through your camera like it's not even there. This gives you the gaping-effect you want.

Step 3. 
Tilt your head a bit downward. This is a basic tip for selfie making. It brings out your cheekbones and makes your face look more slim. Try not to overdo it because of.. you know.. double chins. But in stead make your neck as long as possible and then tilt down. That's a little modeling 101 right there.
And there you have it!

The (almost) perfect fish gape selfie! I have to practice some more but hey, that is what #SelfieSaturday is for. Enjoy your weekend lovelies. And I hope to see you soon!


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